Rich snippets

Rich Snippets are special markup that can be included in your page code to let search engines know what parts of your page are about. This allows search engines to display further information with each listing at the search results pages. For example, the authors photo and name may be included with the authorship markup or images and star reviews may be included with the recipe markup.

This extra information with each listing at the search results pages has the potential of increasing traffic and improving the quality of traffic to your site since searchers have more information before clicking through to your page.

Here is a quick introduction on Rich Snippets.

View further Rich Snippets videos produced by Google Webmaster Help.

You may also want to visit the following references for further information on implementing Rich Snippets for your site.

Rich Snippets Test Tool:
Available Markup Tags:

Take credit for your content using rel=author

Have you connected your content to your Google profile yet? This can easily be done using the authorship markup. Here is a nice video with Matt Cutts and Othar Hansson discussing how to connect authors with their content using authorship markup.

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