Overcoming the Challenges of Restaurant Design in Melbourne

Opening your own restaurant is exciting and planning what it will look like and where everything will go can be a lot of fun, not to mention hard work. Although the quality of the food is the most important part of any restaurant, the ambience and interior design play a large part in creating an atmosphere that your customers will want to return to again and again. Restaurant design in Melbourne requires a bit of extra thought and creativity, as you will be competing for business against some of the best eateries in the country.

You will probably want your restaurant to express your individuality and have an ambience that is all its own, but no matter how unique your concept, you may experience some common design problems that can affect even the best thought-out restaurant designs. Here are a few of the common challenges in restaurant design, and how to overcome them.

The bad table

Every restaurant has at least one table that is hard to seat. Generally, customers don’t enjoy sitting in high traffic or noisy areas, such as near the entrance to the kitchen, the front door and the toilets. To give your customers a more enjoyable experience and make the most of every table, you can try being creative with screens and dividers to help increase privacy. Tall plants can also help provide a screening effect, without taking away from the general ambience.

How to maximise seating without overcrowding

More tables mean more business on a busy night, but you want to maximise your seating capacity without making your customers feel like they are being crowded or are sitting on top of each other. Getting the balance right can be tricky but it is possible. Booth seating can let you fit a lot of tables close together, but still give customers a sense of separation, and large communal tables can be sociable and interesting in a more casual style of restaurant.

A small kitchen

If you don’t have much space you may find you are working with a very small kitchen, and this can be extremely difficult during busy periods. If extensively renovating to extend the kitchen is not feasible for you, it might be a good idea to turn some attention to the menu and keep it as simple as possible, so you reduce the need for space. Make sure you have enough extractor fans to keep smoke out of the dining room, and ensure that customers aren’t affected by too much noise.

Changing trends

When you first design your restaurant, it is a good idea to leave options to upgrade and make changes according to trends. Flexibility is an important element of restaurant design in Melbourne, and keeping a modern fresh look can help you attract new business and maintain an up-to-date image.

Designing the perfect restaurant involves overcoming a number of challenges but the rewards can be tremendous.

When you are in charge of designing your own restaurant, whether you’re working on your own or with some expert assistance from a designer, you can create the exact ambience you want, and enjoy seeing your vision come to life. Hopefully your customers will love it just as much as you and return again and again.

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