Mr Bankes: Quality Design for the Retail and Hospitality Sectors

We live in an image-saturated society. In this day and age, good visual communication is integral in any industry, be it to get a point across, create the right atmosphere or illustrate a particular aspect of your business. Mr Bankes is a designer who understands how to make the perfect impression, every time.

So who is Mr Bankes?

Mr Banks is Michael Bankes, a curious, creative and down-to-earth design professional who has been making his mark in and around Melbourne – and far beyond – for more than twenty years. While his talents are wide-ranging, his speciality is the design of interior environments within the retail and hospitality sectors.

The Mr Bankes ethos

There are plenty of designers around, but finding the right one for the job is not always easy. Good designers are a dime a dozen. Great designers are a valuable find. It requires not only talent, expertise and experience, but an innate understanding of what a client needs.

Mr Bankes draws inspiration from everything around him, from the mundane to the magnificent. It might be a trip to the markets, or a visit to a friend’s farm. With a head full of opportunity, the trick then is to tailor this boundless energy into the right result for each specific project.

Brand awareness for best results

Effective design solutions in retail and hospitality environments generally entail a seamless integration of both architectural and graphic elements. Mr Bankes is a specialist in this creation of brand identity.

Need an example? At one point in his career, Mr Bankes was the designer du jour for the surf industry. He not only kept a range of clients happy (including Jetty Surf, Billabong, Strapper Surf, GenX, Planet Surf, Winkipop, Blunt and City Beach), he ensured that each developed their own very unique design identities.

Eco-friendly for fabulous design

In addition to creativity and quality, Mr Bankes values the environment and ensures his designs respond to environmental needs. His designs are created with a focus and awareness of sustainable and eco solutions, while using eco-friendly materials wherever possible.

What to expect

The Mr Bankes studio is based in Melbourne, however Mr Bankes can service clients all over Australia. Whether you have a firm idea of what you need, or only an inkling of what you want, Mr Bankes can help you create the best result for your business. That means working closely with you through every stage of development: from concept to creation.

Mr Bankes will also manage the actual building if required, including all paperwork for required permits. Mr Bankes avoids costly overheads, and strives to deliver the best results at the best price possible.

And the nitty gritty

Michael Banks began practicing design more than 20 years ago. He is a member of the Australian Retail Design Institute, has a 20 year citation with the Design Institute of Australia and is a Registered Building Practitioner. He knows his craft, is passionate about quality design and is a long-time supporter of traditional values – that means quality design that’s contemporary, relevant, and will stand the test of time.


Mr Bankes has more than one thousand projects to his name – and counting. The following is a small selection of his esteemed clients:

  • L’Oreal
  • Koko Black
  • Virgin
  • Honda
  • King Furniture
  • Bakers Delight
  • Raffaelle Cuica
  • DuPont
  • Nissan
  • Parenthood
  • Mazda
  • Edge clothing
  • Muffin Break
  • Sanity
  • Liz Davenport

If your hotel, café or store is in need of a visual boost, Mr Bankes ( may just be your man.

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